Public Realm

A condition of the funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund is the enhancement of the Public Realm. This is targeted on making Bacup a more pedestrian friendly environment with the aim of boosting footfall.

Rossendale Borough Council has been working closely with Lancashire County Council on various design proposals to improve the St James Square road junction and provide a space for events and pedestrian activity, along with making an attractive town centre to encourage a range of businesses to the town, resulting in fewer empty buildings.

The proposals we are putting forward now are in response to extensive consultation and feedback. We have worked hard to take a wide range of views into account and this final scheme delivers safer junctions and crossings, widened and improved pavements, better loading and unloading for shops, more parking, better lighting and more space for events on Irwell Terrace. The proposal is that work will start in April next year and progress in stages through to October. Throughout this time we will be working hard to minimise any disruption.

To view the latest proposals, please Click here

To view a plan of HGV movement from Burnley Rd to Rawtenstall, Click here

Click here for a short video, played at twice the speed to give you an idea of traffic flow.

Please see below answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the proposals:

How do the Public Realm proposals relate to the Bacup THI project?

A condition of the £1.5m in funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund is that improvements are made the Public Realm area in the centre of Bacup.  This is to ensure that the improvements maximise the benefits of restoring the historic character by promoting a more pedestrian environment and increasing footfall in the town centre.

How are the Public Realm proposals funded?

The Bacup THI Project has earmarked £418,722.00 in total from the common fund to spend on the Public Realm aspect. Further funding has been sought in order to pay for other elements like street furniture, planting of trees and landscaping.

What are the aims of the enhancements to the Public Realm?

  • To restore current street and walkway surfaces to provide acceptable surfaces for both pedestrians and motorists.
  • To improve the environment of the area for pedestrians living and working and visiting the town centre.
  • To improve traffic flow
  • To provide pedestrian crossing
  • To promote Irwell Terrace as a destination by increasing the public area enabling the facilitation of community events and street markets.  
  • To increase the attractiveness of the area for residents, visitors and businesses by introducing trees, new seating, heritage lighting and a larger event space.

How are the changes to the road layout funded?

The Public Realm Scheme has been designed in partnership with Rossendale Borough Council and Lancashire County Council. As the Heritage Lottery Funding is unable to contribute to changes to the road layout, for example the installation of zebra crossings additional funding has been secured from LCC.

What are the reasons for changing the current road layout?

Local residents have previously expressed concern that the existing gyratory system and the confusing stop and give way arrangements are not conventional. There are currently no zebra crossings in the area for pedestrians to cross the road safely. The town square has recently been dominated by vehicles and pedestrians have been inconvenienced.

What would happen with parking in the Town Centre?

There would be additional bays on Lumb Scar, these would follow the same restriction as the rest of the bays on the street, 30 minutes maximum parking. There would also be five bays added to King Street by the removal of the current taxi rank bays. The Council is also exploring other options to increase the car parking in the town centre.

What would happen with the bus stops?

The bus stop servicing the 464 route from Rochdale to Accrington would change location. It is currently sited at the end stand on St James St. The bus currently completes a complex manoeuvre to pick up and drop off passengers. The 464 Rochdale to Accrington bus route would no longer use this stop, which would be extended for event space on Irwell Terrace. The bus stop on Burnley road would also be reduced in size.

Would Union Street be made one way and would any buses be using this street?

There would be no changes to the current road system on Union Street.

What would happen to the current centre piece?

The ex-fountain will be left in situ, there would need to be a request for further funding to enhance the current feature.

What type of street lighting would be used?

The project board are ensuring costs for heritage style lighting units are affordable.

Would there be any street furniture and greenery?

Bacup Town Centre would be made as attractive as possible for current residents, businesses and visitors to the town. There would be benches and seating on the town square as well as areas for planters.

What level of disruption would be encountered during the roadworks?

Lancashire County Council have confirmed that 9 months away from construction a detailed programme would be provided to the project board, this would be subject to change as the project delivery approaches, shops etc. would be given as much notice as possible. 

How long would it take for the scheme to be completed?

We are anticipating that the deliver phase would be May - December 2018.